Own furniture production

We have our own production with automated equipment, which includes:

  • MDF milling, painting, varnishing of facades, additive of details by CNC machines, metal processing and edging of products on the perimeter with polyurethane glue providing moisture resistance –  all this excludes the order from intermediaries;
  • the ability to make products in individual sizes (which are ideal for your height and dimensions of the room) at no extra charge
Installation of products


Installation work is carried out by professional installers.


Our team
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The process of implementing ideas

The process of our cooperation is simple and comfortable. We’ll think everything through, give you some advice and do it for you.
The nesto furniture manufacturing process consists of the following stages:

  • Your application
  • Price estimate
  • Taking measurements
  • Creation of the future product design
  • Negotiation of the price and all details, signing of the contract
  • Manufacture of furniture within two months
  • Delivery and installation

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the cost of the kitchen per running meter?

We make custom kitchens, so the cost of each kitchen is calculated individually and depends on many factors. But in general, the cost of our kitchens starts from 600 euros per running meter.

What affects the price?

Kitchens that look the same may have different prices. The price formation of the product depends on the materials used, the complexity of manufacturing, the cost of fittings and accessories, and is calculated based on the actual cost of each product. The price is also affected by the presence of electrical systems, the number of drawers in the kitchen, the material of the countertop. Depending on these factors, the difference between the upper and lower limits can be great. Therefore, if the initial price does not suit you, you can always change it up or down by adjusting the project with the designer. The possibility to combine and use in production a huge number of different cost options of materials, fittings and decor allows selecting and manufacturing furniture, focusing on your planned budget.

Is it possible to make a kitchen of non-standard height and size?

Yes, it’s possible! The manufacturing of custom-made kitchens for the customer’s premises is the main advantage of our production.

What factors affect the term of manufacture of furniture?

The furniture manufacturing process is a long-term process that includes several stages: the process of agreeing an order in our showroom, the process of performing the order in production, transporting the order and, finally, furniture installation at the customer’s house. Each of the stages has a certain duration.

  1. The term of approval and processing of the order in the showroom depends on the complexity of the ordered project. We work on custom orders and often bring to life extraordinary ideas of our clients, the processing and development of which takes much longer.
  2. The term of furniture manufacturing depends on: the option of furniture finishing (veneer, enamel, artificial stone, etc.) chosen by the customer. Each type of processing has its own technological cycle, respectively, for one material it is longer, for another – shorter. The presence of materials with a long delivery time in the order.
  3. The delivery time of the order depends on the remoteness from production.
Is it possible to order furniture if we are not in Lviv and not in the Lviv region?

Yes, of course! We deliver furniture to different cities of Ukraine and abroad. We have an extensive experience in this kind of work. The cost of delivery in this case is discussed individually.

How much do you measure the room?

The cost of taking measurements is 500 UAH, but this is included in the price of your product when ordering from us.

I have a designer project. Can you make furniture from it?

Yes, of course. Just send it to us, we will calculate the cost and reproduce your project.

Furniture manufacturer NESTO

The company nesto produces modern kitchens, as well as furniture for bedrooms, children’s rooms, bathrooms and hallways. Here you can order furniture for your business in offices, salons, hotels and restaurants.
The basis of our work is an individual approach to the client. Each drawer, shelf, handle will be exactly as you want them to be and will be located exactly where you need them. We are not tied to standards, so each of our products is unique and unrepeatable. And our main goal is a satisfied customer.