Kitchen aprons

Today we want to talk about kitchen aprons, namely the pros and cons of popular options.

  • Tiles are the most popular. And this is not surprising. Since it has many advantages. Moisture resistance, ease of care (does not absorb grease, odors, dirt), resistance to high temperatures, environmental friendliness, variety of colors, textures and prices.
  • Mosaics. This option has a spectacular look and adds a distinct accent to the kitchen. But the downside of the mosaic – a large number of seams, which complicates its care.
  • Skinali (glass apron). Resistance to high temperatures, ease of care, a variety of patterns for every taste and quick installation – all this is about a glass apron. Of the disadvantages – it is more difficult to make holes for sockets, which are so necessary in the work area. Also, the surface for the skin should be perfectly smooth, so this should be taken into account during the repair.
  • Artificial stone. The advantage is that you can make an apron from the same material as the table top. Cons – high cost and difficult installation.
  • Natural stone. The main advantages are its uniqueness and durability. If, for example, take marble, it has a chic look, but is not a very good option for the kitchen. Since it is a porous material, it will absorb dirt, moisture and odors and eventually lose its presentability.