AVENTOS HF lifting gear from Blum

AVENTOS lifting mechanisms add convenience in use of top lockers.

The AVENTOS HF folding lift mechanism is a solution for high top cabinets and medium height cabinets. Even large facades give freedom of movement – they can be left open while working in the kitchen. In what position you leave it, in this it will be fixed.

The AVENTOS HS lifting mechanism is perfectly suitable for large facades of the top kitchen bedside tables. Thanks to it you always have convenient access to the most remote corners of a locker. The advantage of this solution is the ability to work in the kitchen with an open facade, because the facade folds over the body.

The AVENTOS HL lifting mechanism is perfectly suitable for cases and for cases over which there are other lockers. The facade rises in parallel, freeing up working space.

The AVENTOS HK top lifting mechanism is the flagship of the line for large and small bedside tables, in which everything is thought out to the last detail. It is easy and convenient to work with it in the kitchen.

AVENTOS HK – Lifting mechanism for heavy facing facades.

Lifting mechanism AVENTOS HK-S – for small upper cabinets. With it, you make optimal use of useful space above the refrigerator or storage cabinet.

The compact design of the AVENTOS HK-XS opens up freedom in the design of small upper housings. It is also suitable for enclosures with a minimum internal depth, such as above the hood.