How to make the kitchen functional?

This question is easy to answer by watching the work in the kitchen. For many years, Blum has been studying the needs of kitchen owners by observing how people around the world use them. It is on the basis of these studies that new ideas are created.

One such idea was to develop the concept of DYNAMIC SPACE, which provides three main parameters of a functional kitchen:
• optimization of work processes
• rational use of space
• high quality of movement

And we use this concept to design a kitchen as comfortable as possible for you.
Convenient access to things is important to optimize workflows. It can be predicted in advance. How exactly?
At the design stage of the kitchen:

  • Prefer drawers instead of doors.
    They have many ergonomic advantages. The contents of the drawers are well viewed from above, you do not need to bend over and take out all the things in front.
  • Choose full extension drawers.
    Drawers that can be pushed out to the end make it easy to get things even from a far corner and provide a better overview of the entire drivers.



  • Place all things on the appropriate levels
    When designing a custom kitchen, think about what you use constantly, often and occasionally. Place items that you use constantly at a height that is easy to reach. This will eliminate the tedious need to bend or rest your fingers once more.

Division of the kitchen into zones.
Work in the kitchen consists of a series of constantly repeated actions. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the movement of the kitchen was shorter and everything was placed at hand. The rational solution here is to divide the kitchen into zones.

Inventory area. Products are placed here. Convenient access to the contents of the drawers should be provided for this area. A great solution would be SPACE TOWER, in which access to the contents of the drawer is provided from all sides.

Storage area. Here are cutlery, utensils. Therefore, it will be convenient if the dishwasher and the sink area are located nearby.

Sink zone. In the center of this zone there is a dishwasher and a sink. Detergents are best stored directly under the sink.

Preparation area. Between the washing and cooking area should be all the necessary equipment for preparing food for cooking. If you place them in this area, they will always be at hand. The recommended width of the zone is not less than 90 cm.

Cooking area. There should be pots, pans and cooking utensils next to it.

Using space as efficiently as possible is another important goal when designing a kitchen. Therefore, we offer you some tips on how to create additional useful space where it did not exist before.

One wide drawer instead of two narrow ones – you will win up to 15% of usable space.


Deeper drawers. Installing deeper drawers will create up to 30% more usable space.

Low plinth. At the same height of the work surface in the cabinet with a low plinth significantly more useful space than in the cabinet with a high.

Higher sides. High drawers with closed sides are filled to the full height. Put things in such drawers better, gaining up to 55% more space.


High quality of movement
Drawers and doors open easily, without much effort. Drawers slide easily, even when loaded. With a high-quality damping system, the hoists, drawers and doors close softly and quietly.