Test drive your kitchen

Appreciate the convenience of your future kitchen at the planning stage and you will enjoy working in it for many years to come. A kitchen test drive from our partner Blum is a unique opportunity to see your designed kitchen in real size. This is a constructor with which you will create your future kitchen of real-size movable units.


Properly divide the kitchen into functional areas

By dividing the kitchen into areas, you can more conveniently organize the workflow, prevent unnecessary movements around the kitchen and have all the necessary items at hand.

Choose the right worktop height

Position the countertop at a comfortable level according to your height, so as not to bend while cooking or doing other work in the kitchen.

Check the ergonomics of the kitchen

Depending on how often you use things, they should be placed at the appropriate levels: rarely, often, always. Placement at the right level will help you avoid bending down or reaching up. Choose internal drawer dividers Organize usable space in a way that is convenient for you.

Choose internal drawer dividers

Organize usable space in a way that is convenient.

Choose functional solutions
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